M.K. Picture Car Services is a top supplier of vehicles, old and new, strange and unique, generic to exotic, trucks to motorcycles, police, fire and ambulance, to the Film Industry.

Supplied vehicles are sourced from our own stock, private owners, collectors, car clubs, and our friends in transport, bus, marina and aviation companies, car dealerships, construction, farm, off road suppliers, and anyone who deals with anything else that moves.

Located in Toronto, M.K. Picture Car Services is a full service company. We not only supply a large array of vehicles, we also dress emergency vehicles with a variety of lighting, striping, and interiors. We can assist in outfitting stunt vehicles with roll cages, special braking systems with multiple brake pedals, special suspension and wheels and tires. We can supply qualified driver’s, by the hour or by SSE. We can supply on and off set mechanical assistance by licensed mechanics.

If you need vehicles painted or bodywork, we can arrange it. Delivery of all vehicles is by very qualified tow truck operators using the latest flatbed and wheel lift equipment. We can move any type of vehicle whether it needs tow truck, flatbed, boom truck, dock and trailer loading, float, or enclosed transport. Most important to us is your schedule.

We emphasize efficent work on location, on time, no matter how big or small the production.

M.K. Picture Car Services’s staff has years of experience servicing our clients, carefully examining their needs and processing all requests in the utmost professional manner.